Project Rachel

Every year, over one million women undergo induced abortion and each experiences the procedure in a unique way.

Many of these women (as well as the men who accompany them or are the fathers of their children) exhibit negative emotional reactions after the abortion procedure.

Some feel that God no longer loves them, or is punishing them for having an abortion. Many wonder what happened to their unborn child. However, the Church has always taught that God gives abundant grace to all people and His love covers and forgives all sins. As a way to aid the process of healing and reconciliation for the post-abortive, the Diocese of Phoenix offers the Project Rachel Hotline.

The goal of the Project Rachel post abortion care hotline is to provide a safe, confidential, and compassionate haven for any woman or man in the Diocese of Phoenix who is suffering from the emotional and spiritual aftermath of induced abortion. Our hotline is answered by post-abortive volunteers who will return your call within 24 hours.

Volunteers will listen to your situation and can advise you as to which post-abortive healing ministry may be helpful for your particular situation. Our volunteers are not certified to provide professional counseling, but they can refer you to a licensed counselor or a support group where you can find more opportunities for reconciliation and healing.

Counselors in our Diocese:
Nikki Westby, MA, LPC (St. Thomas the Apostle Parish) 602 954 9089 x1114
Maureen Christensen, Ph.D . (St. Timothy’s Parish) 602.955.1095
Gary Pizzatola, Ph.D.(St. Joan of Arc Parish) 626.796.3418

Mantle of Hope
An ongoing, post abortive healing group using prayer and bi-monthly study sessions. Meets 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month at St. Joan of Arc Church. Catholic-based, faithful to the magisterium. Open to all. Confidential Inquiries: Karen, 602.791.7189.

Rachel’s Vineyard
Weekend retreats held across the US for any man or woman who ahs struggled with the emotional and spiritual pain of an abortion. Catholic-based, faithful to the magisterium. Open to all.
Karen O. (East Valley) 480.329.6795