Preschool Fundraising Events

Are you tired of sitting around all day wondering what to do? Do you enjoy meeting people and spreading your joy for all of His many blessings? Do you see our children as being one of God’s most precious creations? Do you feel that our future is dependent on our children receiving the best Catholic education at an early age for the proper development of their moral and spiritual foundation?

Are you aware of the manner in which today’s economy is affecting the amount of money being tithed to our Catholic churches, as well as the number of children being registered in our Catholic schools? Well, if you said yes to any of the above then you understand why our preschool needs to have fundraisers and why your free time can be invaluable not only to the school, but to the children of our future!

School is getting ready to start and along with that comes many opportunities to get involved in many aspects of our fundraising endeavors. If you have expertise in fundraising we’d love to hear your recommendations. If you like graphic work, we can use your expertise with our marketing campaign. If you work in a business that values our future, perhaps you’d like to be a sponsor or make a donation. If you just have too much free time, we have many opportunities in which you can put your time to great usage. We have a variety of committees which will soon be forming, so call the school today to get involved! Call (602) 867-9179.