Our Lady's Mantle

Let’s End Abortion, really.

What is Our Lady’s Mantle?

Our Lady’s Mantle is a parish apostolate organized by lay, pro-life volunteers who are committed to maintaining a peaceful, prayerful presence outside of abortion clinics. With Our Lady of Guadalupe as our patroness, our goal is to close abortion clinics while we offer love, support and prayer to the abortion minded so that they might consider continuing their pregnancies. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we accomplish our goals in 3 ways:

  1. Remote Prayer (Home, Church, Adoration)
  2. On-site prayer at the abortion clinic
  3. (Where possible) Counseling the abortion-bound on the sidewalk at the vigil site.

Where is our St. Joan of Arc Parish Vigil Site?

Planned Parenthood-Thunderbird 3131 E. Thunderbird, Ste 48, Phoenix.
The SW Corner of Thunderbird and 32nd Street

This abortuary performs chemical abortions.

There are many opportunities during the scheduled clinic hours to pray at the abortion clinic.

Day of Week

Planned Parenthood Hrs

Vigil Attendees



SJA – Diane



6pm-7pm St. Joan of Arc Knights

1pm-2pm 3rd Tue/Month St. Bernadette Resp. Life






7:30-8am SJA – Patricia and Maria

9:15-10am Our Lady of Joy Resp Life



SJA – Peg and Karen

How do I Get Involved?

Step 1: Pray about your role.

We need courageous people to serve in the following ways...

  • On-Site Prayer Warriors
  • Off-Site Prayer (at home, church, in adoration)
  • Sidewalk Counseling (where applicable; periodic training sessions are offered at various locations throughout the valley)

Step 2: Call or email Karen 602.791.7189 or

Get the details you will need to be connected to other prayer warriors. Some simple guidelines will be furnished.

Step 3: Persevere.

Attend to your regularly scheduled vigil site or payer practice faithfully. Bring a friend,. Through the prayerful intercession of Our Lady and the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will se an end to abortion. Your presence is vital.

Step 4: Stay Teachable.

Participate in Pro-Life learning events in and around our Diocese. Consult the many blogs, books and news sites from Links for Life to help you stay current on news affecting our most precious gifts.

It is proper for the noblest hearts to discover the most urgent need of their epoch and consecrate themselves to it
Father Lacordaire