Order of the Funeral Mass

Below is the outline of the Order for Christian Funerals so that you may plan your liturgy and choose the scripture readings.

Introductory Rites

  • Greeting
  • Sprinkling with Holy Water
  • Placing of the Pall (done by the family members or friends)
  • Placing of Christian symbols (done by family members or friends)
  • Opening Hymn (choose from the list)
  • Opening Prayer

Liturgy of the Word

  • First Reading (you may choose from Old Testament or New Testament if you only have one reading. During the Easter Season, you may have two New Testament readings.)
  • Psalm (sung by the Director of Music)
  • Second Reading (optional to have a 2nd reading; from the New Testament - you may choose from the Scripture list)
  • Gospel (you may choose from the Scripture list, but will be read by the priest or deacon)
  • Homily
  • Intercessions

Liturgy of the Eucharist

  • Preparation of the Gifts Hymn (choose from the list)
  • Presentation of the Gifts (choose family members or friends to bring up the gifts)
  • Continuation of the Mass as usual
  • Communion Hymn (choose from the list)

As mentioned earlier, the appropriate place for family and friends sharing, or the offering of a eulogy or reflection, is at the Vigil. One person may speak who will limit the comments to three to four minutes. It is requested that the person write out their comments and that it be appropriate material.

Final Commendation

  • Invitation to Prayer
  • Silence
  • Song of Farewell
  • Prayer of Commendation
  • Recessional Hymn (choose from the list)
  • Procession to the Place of Committal (to the cemetery)