Wedding Liturgy Planning

The following individuals should be identified at this time:

  • Readers: should have practiced readings (indicate that they will sit on far left of third pew on the north side, unless they are part of the wedding party, or the immediate family in the second pew.
  • Persons responsible for bringing the gifts forward during the Mass.
  • Person designated for transporting the completed and signed marriage license after the ceremony.

We will need everyone in the wedding party lined up in the narthex no later than five minutes prior to beginning of Mass or Rite of Marriage (according to preparation sheet which was filled out when consulting with the bride and groom prior to rehearsal).

It is extremely important that we start on time. If we start late, this, of course, will use up your picture time. If we start too late, then we run the risk of not being able to have a Mass and only the Rite of Marriage (If this applies).

Ordinary Procession in Order:

  • Groom enters from the sacristy with the best man (unless processing with parents) and waits for the bride in front of the first pew on the right hand side.
  • Groom's Parents The groom's parents may escort him in first, in which case he would be dropped off by them after bowing to the altar together, and the groom will then wait up front for the bride in front of the first pew on the right hand side.
  • Bride's Parents Unless bride's father is escorting the bride, then the mother of the bride walks in unescorted or is seated ahead of time. Both bride's parents may escort her in if they want to.
  • Bridesmaids and Groomsmen However the couple want them paired up is fine. There is six couple limit (suggested).
  • Maid/Matron of Honor She walks in alone, or she can walk in with the best man.
  • The Best Man is up front beforehand with the Groom, unless he walks in with the Maid of Honor
  • Ring Bearer (Walk in!) No wagons or motorized toys!
  • Flower Girl(s) (Walk in!) No wagons or motorized toys! No flower petals may be dropped.
  • Bride processes in with father, or father and mother. Please choose from of the options provided and fill in the names of the wedding party in the spaces provided.

Prayerful planning and selection of scriptural readings, prayers and blessings add a great deal of warmth and meaning to the celebration of marriage. The marriage of two Catholics takes place at a Nuptial Mass, wherein the couple receive the Body and Blood of the Lord in Holy Communion.

The marriage between a Catholic and a Non-Catholic may be limited to the Rite of Marriage which includes scripture readings, exchange of vows, and the Nuptial Blessing. The marriage between a Catholic and a Non-Christian (non-baptized) may not take place within the celebration of the Mass.

Only chalices and sacred vessels of the parish may be utilized in accordance with liturgical norms.

Scripture selections should be turned into the wedding coordinator no later than one month (30 days) prior to the wedding date. Otherwise the wedding coordinator will assume that the couple prefers the parish to select readings.