Happy Thanksgiving!

11-22-2020Pastor's LetterFr. Dan Connealy

Fr. Connealy, Deacon Peter, Deacon Andy, Deacon Mark and the Staff at St. Joan of Arc wish all of the Parishioners a very blessed and joyful Thanksgiving.

P. Connealy, Diácono Peter, Diácono Andy, Diácono Mark y el personal de St. Juana de arco les deseo a todos los feligreses una muy Acción de Gracias bendita y goz.

Children of the Light

11-15-2020Pastor's LetterFr. Dan Connealy

Happy Sunday!

We are nearing the end of Ordinary Time as we celebrate the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time this weekend. At this time of year the Gospel we hear on Sunday tends to have a more eschatological bend, that is, it is often focused more on the end times. This Sunday is no different. In it we hear about the master who gives his servants five, two, and one talents. Those who received five and two both doubled their master’s money. However, the servant who received one talent, “out of fear”, buried his master’s talent. The master calls him wicked and lazy because he merely tried to maintain what was entrusted to him. The Christian life is not about maintaining but growth. Each of us, by nature of our baptism, is called to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth and beauty of the Catholic Church. This is no small task, but a lifelong mission. We cannot be content to preserve the faith as our own personal decision. No, the joy of Jesus Christ is meant to be shared. It is a gift that does not close in on itself, but is for our eternal life and the eternal life of all.


My Diaconate Vocation

11-08-2020Pastor's LetterDeacon Andy Lambros

Dear St. Joan of Arc Parishioners,

As I sit to write this letter, my Ordination to the Permanent Diaconate is fast approaching. By the time this letter makes the Sunday bulletin, I will be ordained. It’s strange to say that… I have been discerning, studying, and praying for the Lord to guide me through this formation process for the last seven years… now, it’s suddenly here!

As parents, my wife, Pam and I asked all of our sons to, at a minimum, be open to the possibility that God may be calling them to a priestly vocation, and if so, that's where they would find their greatest joy and fulfillment. Ironically, encouraging them to consider their vocation is part of the reason why we felt like we should take our own advice and be open to the Permanent Diaconate.


The Solemnity of All Saints

11-01-2020Pastor's LetterFr. Dan Connealy

Happy Sunday!

This Sunday we celebrate the Solemnity of All Saints, the feast commemorating all those unknown people who share the life of God in heaven. Pope Benedict XVI reminded us in 2006: “This, then, is the meaning of today's Solemnity: looking at the shining example of the Saints to reawaken within us the great longing to be like them; happy to live near God, in his light, in the great family of God's friends. Being a Saint means living close to God, to live in his family.” This great solemnity, which adds nothing to the glory of the saints, is to awaken in us the desire to embrace our true destiny in heaven with all the holy ones.


1st Sunday of Advent


Happy Sunday!

The Liturgy for Advent begins with the antiphon, “To you, I lift up my soul, O my God. In you, I have trusted; let me not be put to shame. Nor let my enemies exult over me; and let none who hope in you be put to shame.” This antiphon is taken from Psalm 25. The Church selects it to begin the season of Advent as we lift up our souls to the living God and place our hope in Him as we anticipate the birth of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. As we begin this season I would like to invite you to pay attention to the antiphons of the Mass each day for your prayer. These can be found in a Daily Roman Missal, online, or using Apps such as iBreviary.