Live @ The Ramada

7:30pm Parish Activities

“Live @ The Ramada” is a live music event in an outside venue called “The Ramada,” on the campus of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church. Musical artists from throughout the valley are invited to perform. “The Ramada” is a unique place for this unique event, where people can come and mingle and enjoy the fine art of live music.

The evening begins with an amateur, usually someone who’s talented, but not too familiar with playing in front of an audience. After that, there are typically two more acts that are professional in nature and no stranger to performing. The three performers typically vary in musical genres.

It is not an open mic night. All of the acts are pre-approved by the promoters.

Gates open at 7:30pm. Music starts around 8:00pm.
BYOB (Ice provided). 21 and older only.

We are hoping “Live @ The Ramada” will be a new, exciting and innovative way of sharing the beauty and artistic value of live music. It would be a great pleasure to have you come and be a part of this ground–breaking project. It is our hope to make “Live @ The Ramada” a destination for Arizona's best musical talent!