Wedding Photography Policy

  1. Pictures may be taken throughout the wedding, however, flash photography is strictly forbidden during the ceremony. Flashes may be used during the procession in and the procession out, only, so as not to distract from the Sacrament. You will be given a maximum of 45 minutes for photography after the wedding. Flash Photography may be used at this time. St. Joan of Arc décor such as flowers, candles, crucifixes, etc. are not to be moved.
  2. During the procession in and out the photographer may move freely from the midway point of the pews to the main doors of the church. Flashes may be used at these times only.
  3. At no time should the photographer be in the sanctuary taking pictures, before, during, or after the wedding. This would include the steps leading up into the sanctuary, and in front of the Tabernacle. This is out of respect for Our Lord.
  4. The photographer may position himself/herself to the left of the sanctuary, in the balcony, or in the middle of the church (midway point) during the exchange of vows, not distracting or obstructing the view of the people.
  5. Please have the photographer contact the wedding coordinator at least two weeks prior to the wedding.