Lenten Mission with Fr. Vietor

St. Joan of Arc would like to invite you to our Lenten Mission, "Your Lenten Exodus" given by our very own Fr. Oliver Vietor. Fr. Vietor will guide us through the book of Exodus in a four part series. Each week he will explain how the book of Exodus relates to our own journey through Lent.

Part Two

In Part Two of "Your Lenten Exodus," Fr. Vietor continues to walk us through the book of Exodus. Part two is a must watch as we grow in our understanding of how God works in the lives of Moses and the Israelites. With plagues, Passover, manna and the parting of a sea; Part Two is filled with extraordinary miracles that show's God's love for His people.

Part One

In Part 1 of "Your Lenten Exodus" Fr. Vietor starts this Exodus journey by introducing us to Moses. The early life of Moses is quite extraordinary considering all that took place. Fr. Vietor walks us through the calling of Moses by God for a special role in our Lord's divine plan for His people.