What is expected of St. Joan of Arc parishioners?

We are a stewardship parish. This means that we take very seriously the biblical mandate to tithe back to God a percentage of time, talent and treasure. Bishop Olmsted has said "Prayerful participation lays the groundwork for a lifestyle of giving. Good stewardship involves generous use of our time and gifts, beginning with time for God. Once we begin to set aside time every day for prayer and every Sunday for worship, our lives begin to change, including the way we use God's gifts." In addition to financial support, all parish members are expected to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days and participate in a ministry.

Why Stewardship?

Because the first fruits of our labor belong to the Lord. If we fail to return to God a portion of what we have been given, we must ask ourselves "What am I doing with God's gifts?" Because a church, like any business, requires the support of its membership in order to function! Realizing that not all persons are able to support God's work in the same manner, we always gratefully accept gifts of time and talent. We have completed a five year plan that asks all parishioners to tithe 5% of their income back to the Lord. Realizing that this is a gradual process we ask all new parishioners to commit 1% of their income to the parish and increase it gradually. A minimum tithe of $10.00 per week per family is expected. All parish services are then provided at no additional charge. In order to enable us to steward our resources in a responsible manner we ask that you return the tithing card as soon as you receive your envelope packet. This information is kept in the strictest confidence. 

As stated before, we are a parish that has just completed the construction of a permanent church! In November of 1996 we launched an ambitious campaign to pay for our beautiful new building. EVERY parish family is expected to participate in the capital building campaign. 

Parish Pay

For more information, please go to or call 866-727-4741. If you are a parishioner who is enrolled in Parish Pay or direct contribution from your bank and are still receiving envelopes, please call 602-867-9171 Ext. 312 with your name and parish ID number and your records will be adjusted to reflect NO ENVELOPES. If anyone wants to stop receiving envelopes, please contact the Parish Office 602-867-9171.

¿Que se espera de los miembros de la parroquia y por que tenemos que ser corresponsables?

Somos una parroquia que se mantiene gracias a sus contribuciones. Ésto quiere decil que seguimos seriamente el mandato biblico sobre el diezmo ques se ofrece un porceteje de tiempo, talento y tesoro a Dios. El obispo ha dicho que "la participación junto con las oraciones fundamentan un estilio de vida bondadoso. Una buena corresponsabilidad incluye el uso generoso de nuestro tiempo y nestros talentos empezando por el ofrecimiento de tiempo para Dios. Una vez hayamos asignado tiempo para Dios rezandole, asistiendo a misa los domingos, nuestras vidas empiezan a cambiar, incluso cambiará la manera en que usamos nuestros tesoros". 

Ademas del apoyo financiero, se espera de todos los miembros de la parroquia que asistan a las misas dominicales, a las fiestas de guardar y que participen en un ministero.